About Mrs Maria Ponte

A very wise man once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

This is a quote that Mrs Ponte takes to heart. She joined St Catherines in 2017 and is currently a Grade 1 teacher.

Mrs Ponte has been educating Grade 1’s for 28 of her 33 years in teaching. For as long as she can remember she has always wanted to be a teacher and make a difference in each child’s life. She enjoys interacting with children and helping them to achieve their very best. Her motto in class is: “There is no such thing as can’t... we try and try until we get it right. It’s ok to make mistakes for we learn from our mistakes.” She also believes in having good morals and values.

Mrs Ponte loves reading as it opens so many doors. Creating a love for reading is, therefore, one of her passions and she tries to impart this passion to each pupil.

Over the years Mrs Ponte has encouraged pupils to be active – “An active body is an active mind.” Participating in extra-murals is something she encourages all children to do, be it in a cultural or sporting activity. Currently she guides children who participate in Eisteddfods, in performing their poems well.

Mrs Ponte graduated with a 4 year Higher Diploma of Education from JCE. Remedial Education was one of her specialised subjects and she uses this to give extra lessons after school to help pupils who are struggling to meet the required standards.

Her aim in life is to inspire each child to have a positive self-image, to believe in themselves, to always do their very best and to remember that each person is created by God to be special and unique.

Grade 1