About Miss Tonette Beukes

Miss Beukes has a Masters degree in Biochemistry from the University of the Orange Free State, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from UNISA.

She has been sharing her passion for Mathematics for 19 years and has been a member of the St Catherine’s family since 2007.

Miss Beukes is currently teaching Grade 11 and 12 Mathematics and is also responsible for the Mathematics Olympiad and the annual Maths Day Madness, a tradition which she introduced in 2008. Her favourite term in Mathematics is “Factorize” and she loves to prove to her pupils that there is Mathematics in everything around us.

Her favourite quote is “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe” Galileo Galilei.

Miss Beukes is passionate about being a member of St Patrick’s (Green) House and is actively involved in the school’s Athletics program. She loves cats and is a huge Science Fiction fan.

Head of Department Grade 11 and 12 Mathematics