School Fee Structure

School fees are payable as follows:

Grade 000 to Grade 11: Payable over ten months
Grade 12: Payable over nine months

A non-refundable enrolment fee (once-off) of R5000-00 is payable on acceptance.

Ancillary Charges are not included and will reflect on the January statement. These are payable at the end of January each year. Included are:

All Grades: School Magazine, UPT, Development Levy
Grade 000 to 7: Stationery Packs
Grade 8: Textbook Packs and Camp
Grade 6, 7 and 12: IEB Exam fees


We offer a Sibling Discount, applicable to siblings in St Catherine’s School at the same time.

2022 Fee Schedule

Grade 000R 3,486.00R 34,860.00
Grade 00R 4,208.00R 42,080.00
Grade RR 4,648.00R 46,480.00
Grade 1R 6.122.00R 61,220.00
Grade 2R 6,122.00R 61,220.00
Grade 3R 6,122.00R 61,220.00
Grade 4R 6,669.00R 66,690.00
Grade 5R 6,669.00R 66,690.00
Grade 6R 6,669.00R 66,690.00
Grade 7R 7,191.00R 71,910.00
Grade 8R 7,687.00R 76,870.00
Grade 9R 7,687.00R 76,870.00
Grade 10R 8,283.00R 82,830.00
Grade 11R 8,283.00R 82,830.00
Grade 12R 9,205.00R 82,845.00

The school offers both credit and debit card facilities. Fees may also be paid by Direct Deposit at the bank or EFT.

Our Bank Details are:
Account Name:  St Catherine’s Dominican Convent
Bank:  First National Bank – Germiston
Branch Code:  250655
Account No:  51120344745
Reference:  Child’s name and surname
Kindly email your proof of payment to:


Should you encounter a problem at any time you are encouraged to contact Mrs Wilson in the Finance Office on .

A FULL TERMS written notice must be given, or the equivalent fee paid in lieu, prior to the withdrawal of a pupil.

Fees are revised annually and published in October of each year.