Intermediate & Senior Phase

The following subjects are compulsory for all pupils:

  • English Home Language
  • Afrikaans/isiZulu First Additional LanguageĀ  (Grade 5-7)
  • IsiZulu Second Additional Language (Grade 4)
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Technology
  • Social Sciences (History and Geography)
  • Economic Management Sciences (Grade 7 only)
  • Religious Education
  • Computer Skills
  • Music and Drama
  • Physical Education
  • Life Orientation

Assessment is continuous throughout the year with pupils writing weekly cycle tests and exams in November. Pupils receive a progress report at the end of each term.

Academic Support

The school has a qualified Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist to assist pupils in need.

Pupils experiencing difficulties are offered academic support in the afternoons by the subject teachers.