An Easter message from my family to you, the members of the St Catherine’s community:

“We remember His death
We proclaim his resurrection
We await his coming in glory”
The Book of Common Prayer (1979 version)

Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff and Pupils

Every second morning of this lockdown period I rise at 05h30 and assist my wife as she prepares for the workday ahead. She’s a clinical radiographer and, as a health-care professional, she is on the frontline of our battle against COVID-19. I know that she’s not alone in this fight. I am aware of at least three of our school moms who are nursing professionals and two of our dads who are medical doctors and who are in the same situation (one, a colleague of my wife’s, holds a senior position at the same hospital). I share this with you all for a simple reason – we are not alone in dealing with this crisis and we will come through these dark days to resume our lives. We may do that on different terms, but we will do it.

We are half-way through the lockdown period as I write, and we are told that this second week will be crucial if we are to “flatten the curve” successfully. The more effectively we do this, the sooner we will be able to resume our normal activity. I urge you therefore to comply with the government’s regulations. We want to resume schooling as soon as we possibly can!

As matters currently stand we still plan to return to normal schooling on Monday 20th April. Should the lockdown be extended, we will review our arrangements and keep you up to date. I wish to assure you of the following:

➢ Any time lost as a result of the lockdown will be made up. The bulk of the time will be made up in August and the winter holidays will be shortened accordingly.

➢ We will also consider other options which may include shortening half-terms and extended teaching days. However, we are determined that NO teaching time will be lost.

➢ Teachers have been tasked with the responsibility of preparing additional teaching material and resources in the event that we may have an extended lockdown period. This will be delivered electronically and I request that parents take the necessary steps to ensure that our pupils have access to some form of device and data. The logistics will be communicated to you should the need arise.

I am in constant contact with the Chairman of the Board, the Region Prioress and the school’s Senior Management Team. I also communicate with staff on a daily basis and I can assure you that their spirits are high and that they stand ready to resume the task of on-site teaching as soon as they are given the go-ahead. St Catherine’s has the situation well in hand.

I wish to conclude by extending my family’s best wishes to each of you during the Holy Week and at this time of Easter. May you experience peace and a renewed sense of faith and commitment to your family. We hold you in our prayers and we are confident that this time of crisis will strengthen our school community and each one of our children.

God bless.
Yours faithfully

Mr D.I. Maritz
Head of School