Dear Parents and Guardians

You will recall that my most recent newsletter stated that we would need to remain flexible as the situation with regard to schools and schooling during this pandemic could change and that this would necessitate adjustments to our arrangements as we move forward.

Last Friday we received further communication from I.S.A.S.A. detailing the changes to regulations promulgated which indicate opening dates for state schools and proposed opening procedures for the independent schools’ sector. Once again, I consulted with senior management and the Board Chairman, and after extensive discussion, the following arrangements will apply to all three phases of the school:

  • Previous arrangements published in last week’s newsletter (18th January) fall away.
  • For the duration of the week 25th January to 29th January 2021, on-line teaching will continue for the Preparatory School and the Senior School. The Pre-School will continue with on-site teaching and learning in the same manner as at present.
  • From Monday 1st February 2021 ALL pupils in ALL grades (Grade 000-Grade 12) will return to on-site teaching and learning on the school campus. On-line teaching and learning will no longer continue. We will have completed our two-week preventative closure period and we
    are therefore able to resume our normal teaching programme.
  • Aftercare will be available for both Pre-School and Preparatory School pupils from Monday 1st February 2021. Arrangements must be confirmed with the relevant Phase Secretary.
  • School will close at 14h00 (or as specified for a specific phase) and no co-curricular programme will be offered until further notice.
  • External activities (team swimming, karate, ballet) will be offered as these can implement social distancing protocols. The music programme as offered by Mr Venter and Mrs Kirk will also resume.

Once again, I apologise for the relatively short notice period and any inconvenience caused. I trust that these arrangements will not have to be altered again and that we can settle down to a stable academic year. However, I will keep the school community updated if circumstances change.

Yours faithfully

Mr D.I. Maritz
Head of School